Group Buys (8)

Participate In Group Buys For More Reactors!


(Read this if you care about having more reactors) Let me first explain how we run this thing and can afford subbing to many reactors...we earn from the ads that we use in the links + from our donators.

For some popular reactors we earn more than the reactor's price and with that additional money + donators money is how we can buy the less popular reactors, cause these ones, due to less usage we don't earn back the required money to sub just from the ads. This budget we have is limited and it's what determines how many reactors we can add and keep every month. So for reactors that are not popular in this community, ones that have very few votes in /mostrequested, the only way we can ever add them is if some of y'all are willing to pay a small amount like $1 towards that reactor's tier price. For example if the tier costs $5 and there are 5 people willing to donate $1, then we will take that and sub to the reactor and add it to the bot, additionally, the members that participated in that Group Buy will get NO ADS for the reactor in the bot, so it's like you bought his Patreon with $1 thanks to other people paying for it as well. We don't earn anything from this, we just wanted y'all to have a better and cheap way to afford getting a reactor. DM me or on Discord if you're interested, with how much you're willing to pay for a certain reactor, you won't be paying anything until there is enough people to cover the tier's price. We will keep track of the contribution progress towards these reactors in channels and in the website so you can see which ones people are participating in.


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